Wastewater treatment plants

A leading electrochemical technology



Our solutions

Environmentally friendly

  • No use of chemicals
  • No use of absorbents
  • Doesn’t generate reject water

Reduce carbon footprint

With electrochemical technologies

Technology proved to be efficient to remove viruses and bacterias

Wastewater World is Changing

The wastewater world is changing, and also its technological requirements. Water is a scarce commodity and we increasingly need systems prepared to recover it efficiently.

The Aim

Total reuse or controlled dumping without polluting the environment.

Our treatment systems

Our treatment systems based on electrochemical technologies, developed over more than 15 years, have led us to consolidate the PROELEC treatment plants, a wastewater treatment system using electrocoagulation and electrooxidation.
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What Makes Us Different


Laboratory testing


Design and engineering



Proelec in the World


The PROELEC wastewater treatment plants were first developed in 2003 in Barcelona, by the former industrial automation and control company called Procontrol, as a result of its, then, 30 years’ knowledge and experience in industrial plants and processes of all kinds. At present, PROELEC includes various engineering, control, automating companies and specific industrial suppliers, and wastewater treatment companies, with a technical potential of more than 50 experienced specialists and know-how accumulated since 1969.
  • Specialization
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Quick Attention
  • Design & Engineering
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Water test

  • Electrocoagulation tests
  • Electrooxidation tests
  • Chemical consulting
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  • Microplastics
  • Metallurgicall Industry
  • Cooling Towers
  • Food Industry
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