Microplastics removal from waters, to prevent harm to the food chain.

Metallurgicall Industry

It oxidises and precipitates heavy metals.

Cooling Towers

It avoids incrustations and removes Legionella.

Food Industry

Disinfection and water reuse. Treatment of vegetable water in the production of oils.
Treatment and removal of grease from dumpings. Removal of high organic loads and solids. Treatment of effluents with blood.

Cattle Industry

Treatment of pig slurry (reduction of COD, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and hygienisation).

Mining Industry

Removal of metals, salts and suspended solids.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Removal of ecotoxicity in dumpings.
Destruction and removal of organic molecules and COD/BOD5.

Decontamination of Underground Waters

Removal of metals, hydrocarbons, pesticides and phytosanitary products, etc.

Treatment of Leachates

It reduces and removes heavy metals, organic matter, nitrogenated compounds, salts and other pollutants leaving, a quality suitable for reuse in watering or cleaning and pouring.

Cosmetic Industry

Reduction of organic load, removal of colours and grease.

Paper Industry

Removal of fibres, solids and organic load.

Textile Industry

Removal of colour and organic load.

Chemical Industry

Removal of metals, salts, organic matter, odour, colour, reduction of ecotoxicity, etc.

Galvanic Industry

Removal of heavy metals.

Petrol Industry

Removal of hydrocarbons, metals, etc…

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