August 2023:  PROELEC EC to treat textile wastewater.

From the lab test to the industrial plant. A path to success. 

July 2023:  PROELEC EO Customized solution.

June 2023: Reminder – PROELEC EC Toroidal models for special cases with low flow and high contaminant load. Instant and automatic electrode cleaning.

May 2023: Recent shipments. Adequate packaging for worldwide shipments.

April 2023: PROELEC EO with excellent removal performance in the following parameters:

Toxin: 98%

MES: 95%

MOPS: 90%

HEPES: 95%

BisTris: 90%

DMSO: 96%

March 2023: Current deliveries with our improved venting and foaming removal system

March 2023: PROELEC EC  to remove Boron and Silica (efficency: Boron 60% and Silica more than 99%)

February 2023: PROELEC EC + PROELEC EO to remove COD from pesticides manufacturer with an efficency of more than 50%.

January 2023: PROELEC EC to remove sulfates with an efficency of more than 95%.

Original sample

Treated sample

November 2022: PROELEC EC to remove phosphorous with an efficency of more than 90%.

Operational costs for this case: Electrical energy 3 KWh/m³ and Iron (Fe) consumption 0,14 €/m³

September 2022: Last deliveries Q3 2022

July 2022: Fish processing plant wastewater. Treatment with PROELEC EC + PROELEC EO.

Below: Analysis of the original wastewater
After the treatment

May 2022: Keeping the quality of our supplies, despite the shortage of materials and components.

March 2022, Chemical wastewater. PROELEC EO to remove sulfates.

Below: Analysis of the original wastewater
After the treatment

January 2022, Chemical precipitation of Barium and post-treatment with PROELEC EO to remove Nitrates.

Below: Analysis of the original wastewater
After the treatment

November 2021, Manufacturing process. Last deliveries of 2021.

July 2021, PROELEC EO. Special electrooxidation treatment of Cr (III) to Cr (VI).

May 2021, Metallurgical wastewater. PROELEC EC treatment to remove heavy metals.

March 2021, Landfill leachate wastewater. PROELEC EC + EO treatment.

Succesfull tests of wastewaters coming from 4 waste management companies of the baltic countries.

January 2021, Dye wastewater. PROELEC EC + EO treatment.

After PROELEC EC, we have adjusted the Conductivity and executed PROELEC EO to polish the amount of Ammonium. Final result: Ammonium 4 mg/l.

January 2019, PROELEC also for the microplastics/microbeads removal.

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